LOTO Marine Flooring

Hydrodeck is a closed cell PE UV protected non-absorbent foam, backed with 3M™ acrylic based high-bond pressure marine adhesive. We feel that we have the best product on the market to meet the consumer’s demands of comfort, durability, and stain resistance. To put it simply, once you go Hydrodeck, you’ll never go back!

We work closely with the customer to make sure we have their flooring just the way they want, with their added personal touch of the company logo or the boat's name. It becomes a floor that makes your feet thank you and a floor that you are proud of.

Hydrodeck comes in an array of colors, styles and textures. We can customize your floor with your logo, picture, saying or whatever floats your boat! To put it simply, once you go Hydrodeck, you'll never go back!

We install this adhesive backed product by simply peeling the liner and sticking the floor in place.

  • Teak Lines

    The classic look. You can never go wrong with Teak Lines, pick the right color and improve instantly.

  • Diamond Tuft

    The classy look. Ensure comfortability paired with beauty.

  • Inline

    The clean look. Works for all colors, all boats, always looks good.

  • No Pattern

    The old-school look. Go back to the good days, no designs needed for your aesthetic.

  • Customize Your Flooring

    Personalize your flooring to the exact detail. Your imagination is the limit.