Quality, Comfort, and Personality

We provide the highest quality closed cell marine flooring in the business. Our floors are very comfortable on your feet, hands, knees or whatever else ends up on the floor. Being a closed cell product, it repels water while providing incredible traction. It also helps to reduce the possibility of mold and mildew, since it does not retain water. We would like to have the opportunity customize your boat to make it like no other.

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  • Teak Lines

    The classic look. You can never go wrong with Teak Lines, pick the right color and improve instantly.

  • Diamond Tuft

    The classy look. Ensure comfortability paired with beauty.

  • Inline

    The clean look. Works for all colors, all boats, always looks good.

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  • No Pattern

    The old-school look. Go back to the good days, no designs needed for your aesthetic.

  • Customize Your Flooring

    Personalize your flooring to the exact detail. Your imagination is the limit.

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Why Choose Closed Cell Marine Flooring?

* Very soft on your feet

* Shock absorbent

* Non-skid traction

* No water absorption (preventing mold/mildew)

* Market leading durability

* Made in the USA (Georgia)

* Customizable for logos and designs

* Offered in a variety of multi-colored materials

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Choose YOUR Colors

What is a pattern without a color scheme to finish? Choose from our large selection to fit your aesthetic.

Enhance YOUR Style

Bring your flooring to the center of attention or let it match with the entire showing. The decision is yours to make.